Six international partners

The Project is a platform for reflection and implementation that links existing structures. Six countries are co-organizers of the project and add Queen Christina activities in their own seasonal program. 

Sweden, Stockholm                         Royal Festivals

On behalf of the Foundation Queen Christina-The European Cultural Initiative, Royal Festivals produces the Swedish events for Queen Christina – Culture and Peace. Royal Festivals is a non-governmental organization, producer of cultural events in Sweden and around the world. 1970-2015 it produced the Stockholm Royal Palace Music Festival. Since 1993 it has created exclusive events for international music cruises, on sea and in ports around the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean, the North Sea and the Atlantic Sea. Royal Festivals has cooperated with UNESCO Cultural Heritage Sites and produced numerous academic seminars, TV programs, DVDs, CDs. In 1995, it founded Peter the Great Music Academy, since then organizing yearly masterclasses for young international conductors in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Austria, Wien                                  Austria Barock Akademie

Austria Barock Akademie is a well-established non-governmental institution in Vienna, famous for its masterclasses of Baroque music interpretation, aimed at young professional musicians and soloists. The instructors are leading performers and scholars. The summer camps in Gmunden and elsewhere attract students from the whole world. Austria Barock Akademie cooperates artistically with numerous international festivals and projects.


Portugal, Alcochete            Associacão Divino Sospiro

Divino Sospiro is a Portuguese nonprofit cultural association producing, organizing and promoting cultural initiatives mainly related to music with specialization in the Baroque era. Divino Sospiro cooperates with numerous international festivals and projects.

France, Saint-Felix Lauragais         Association La Vieille Poste   Association Christine de Suède l'Européenne

L'Association Christine de Suède, l'Européenne has gained experiences from European cooperation in making culture accessible to young audiences and visitors from exhibitions, music events and work with European expressions of art. The aim is to activate visitors, readers and listeners, as well as equality, freedom of expression, etc. Its leaders are experienced former diplomats, specialized in culture and with a keen interest to engage young people (i.e. project led by Lycée S. Hessel in Toulouse that was awarded Hyppocrène Price 2017). L'Association Christine de Suède l'Européenne works also with l'Association la Vieille Poste

Belgium, Brussels                          Yehudi Menuhin Foundation

The International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation produces and promotes high-level multicultural activities, such as masterclasses, residencies and concerts tours throughout Europe, engaging young soloists in various creative forms of artistic expression, communication and dissemination in innovative ways.

Italy, Spoleto                                      Teatro Lirico Sperimentale

Teatro Lirico Sperimentale di Spoleto “A. Belli”, an Italian non governmental organization, is internationally known since 70 years for its annual European Opera Singing Competitions for young singers. Rewarding the prize winners of the competition with scholarships for one or two years, the Institution has supported and educated a large number of talented young artists, many of whom have continued to stardom on international opera stages.

Queen Christina Foundation's Contributors & corporate partners

The Foundation Queen Christina-the European Cultural Initiative, Royal Festivals and Coorganizing Partners are deeply grateful to the Project sponsors.


EU Culture

Jacob Wallenbergs Stiftelse

Riksbankens Jubileumsfond

Kungliga Vitterhetsakademien

Kungliga Patriotiska Sällskapet

Stiftelsen Queen Christina-Det europeiska kulturinitiativet

Märta och Magnus Vahlquists Stiftelse

Utrikesdepartementet (Foreign Ministry of Sweden)

Hotel Drottning Kristina

Skandinaviska Jernbanor, Blå Tåget