The Queen Christina Organization

The Project

The Project is an expanding collaboration among six international partners across Europe :




Under the patronage of Princess Christina, Mrs Magnuson and supported by the European Union and other sponsors, the Project support the creative interaction between young professional artists and students from music and dance in the participating countries.

In addition, the organization of seminars and conferences shall provide up-to-date knowledge and information about the various aspects of Queen Christina’s multi-faced personality and lasting impact on generations of  Europeans.

The Project also aims to publish books and papers to perpetuate his activities and reflect on the character of Christina of Sweden and her modernity.


The Foundation & The Association

The Foundation Queen Christina-The European Culture Initiative is a Swedish non-profit Foundation sponsored by Jacob Wallenbergs Stiftelse and the European Union. 

It is the head organization of the project which coordinate the actions of the participating countries. 

The foundation program is inspired by christina's passion for music, dance, philosophy and science, her commitment to peace, tolerance, respect of cultures. 


The Association Christine de Suède, l'Européenne, is an extension of the project in France. Paris, Toulouse and la Région Midi-Pyrénées are the main dissemination areas of the project.


The goals of the Foundation and the Association are :

  • Identify a federative symbol of Europe and culture and Create a cultural area where each citizen can anchor its values and preserve its identity and diversity.

  • Strengthen cultural values in a period when our continent is facing many new crisis and lack of faith.

  • Stimulate cultural exchanges in Europe - nationally and regionally - to create opportunities for intellectuals and artists. Organize cultural events and experiences to promote scientific debate, debate of ideas, interest in history and, in general, generate renewed interest in culture.

  • Stimulate research in various disciplines around the values of Christine of Sweden, including "living together", tolerance and the study of "new intelligence".


There are three groups of Project activities

  • Academic lectures and scientific conferences on international level, covering a multitude of topics, such as philosophy, sciences, literature, music, equality, migration, all inspired by Queen Christina values. A book with collected scientific papers from Project seminars 2014-16 will be published in March 2017. For an example of seminar, see (YouTube link to follow)
  • New, original artistic creations, with focus on new and young audiences, performed nationally and transnationally by artists, musicians, dancers, actors etc from partner countries. See examples below.
  • Special activities for and with young people, underrepresented groups, refugees, migrants, school visits, young artists, cinema, exhibitions, competitions, awards, residencies, cartoons, books.

Some examples of New, original artistic creations

  • Concert Queen Christina, music from her court, ballet music, works by Stradella, Corelli, Purcell, Düben and others.
  • Ballet Christina with original choreography by Hans Marklund, Base23, Stockholm. Young Christina´s life in dance, from age 6 to 29 (arrival in Rome). Music and dance styles include street, pop, bebop, jazz, classic. A special TV version has already been shown in several countries. Performed by young dancers.
  • Concert Queen Christina with female composers, developed by Austria Barock Academy.
  • Queen Christina, Roles in Dance and Gestures, dance and narration.
  • Immigrants it´s us! Italian Song Show for all audiences. Il Gruppo Incanto and soloists from Italy and other countries.